As a professional home purification company, TFA, LLC believes your home should be free of the pollutants that infest our global atmosphere. That is why our company works with companies like Hyla and others to bring you the most advanced in-home air cleaning and filtering technology and services that exist on the market today.

We believe in Hyla and their incredible products, like the EST, when serving our customers. We know, from nearly three decades of scientific evidence and testing, that genuinely top-notch air purification system can filter out dust, allergens, and chemical pollutants, letting you and your loved ones breathe free again.


What is the Hyla EST?

The Hyla EST is a certified clean air system that can eliminate up to 80% of airborne dust in your home. Used in over 70 countries worldwide, and backed by more than 25 years of successful customer trials, the Hyla EST uses water to bind dust with moisture and prevents it from circulating through the air!

During the innovative Hyla EST process, airborne dust is filtered into the machine like a normal high-powered vacuum, but without the dirty bags or filters. This dry, light dust is then combined with water, filtered then dispensed with water from the tank, preventing it from settling and leaving your home with pristine air that can help you breathe healthier once more. 

For more information concerning cleaner air through the Hyla EST system, or to talk to our staff about any other products or services, call and speak to one of our experts by calling  303-934-1770

Best in It's Class


  • Plus X Award Best Product for 2016 & 2017
  • #1 in Design, High Quality, Functionality and Ease of Use
  • Best Small Home Appliance 2017

Certified Medical Device


It has been tested and proven that use of our products will result in the improvement in most allergies, asthma or breathing issues in the average person when the product is used regularly

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